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Pitt-Johnstown Catholic Campus Ministry is a faith-based organization dedicated to bringing students together in faith, fun, community and service!  We offer many opportunities for students to grow in their faith and community both on and off campus. We invite you to explore our various events from Sunday Mass, Tuesday Faith Share, Monthly Speakers and Service projects, Bands, Canoe trips, The March for Life and other exciting activities that we offer the students of Pitt-Johnstown.

UPJ CCM is a great way to escape the occasional stress of school life, all while making friends, deepening your faith and having fun!





Angel Auxtero


  • Current year: Senior

  • Majors: Nursing

  • Hometown: Somerset, PA

  • Favorite TV Show: Longmire

  • Favorite Book: We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

  • Favorite dessert: Biko/Brownies à la mode.

Hi all! My name’s Angel and I am SO excited to be on CCM leadership this year! My goal as Campus/Community Liaison is to not just engage Catholic Campus Ministry with our school and local community, but to engage YOU in the church and hopefully help everyone take on a more active role in our faith! I hope to be a guiding light and advocate for those who feel lost or are just looking for a place to belong. I, as well as the rest of the leadership team, will welcome you with open arms!

I can’t wait to meet all our newcomers and I look forward to working together with my peers to make CCM as great as it can be! I’ll see y’all at Mass, Faith Share, and whatever other adventures get sent our way! Blessings always!

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Gabriel Rosario


  • Current year: Senior

  • Major: Criminology

  • From: Pittsburgh

  • Favorite TV show: Peaky Blinders

  • Favorite dessert: Oreo blizzard

Hello, my name is Gabriel Rosario. I am half Puerto Rican. I am the oldest of six children the youngest being 7 years old. I am an RA in Hickory Hall. I am very sociable and easy to come talk too.

I joined leadership because I felt that I was missing something in my life and connection with God. Last summer I lost my grandmother and it tampered with my relationship with the God to the point where it was hard for me to read a bible. My freshman year was empty not only because of the pandemic but also because I felt lonely. During the spring semester, I went to church for the first time in almost a year. I felt welcomed and fulfilled again to the point that when I went back to my room, I was brought to tears. I wanted more of that feeling. The next Sunday I went to mass and LaDonna told the congregation that they needed student ministry leaders. I’ve been a Catholic all my life and I needed to find more purpose. It was then I felt God calling to me so I could be closer to him and to the Catholic community at UPJ.

lydia pic.jpg

Lydia Leftwich


  • Current year: Senior

  • Major: Psychology

  • From: Dillsburg, PA

  • Favorite TV show: The Golden Girls

  • Favorite dessert: Banana Split Blizzard or Banana pudding

Hello!  I'm Lydia and you can find me in multiple organizations here on campus like Phi Sigma Sigma, Psych Club, Survey Club, Concert Choir and Catholic Campus Ministry!  I am a Psychology major with a minor in Justice Administration and Criminology and I hope to work with young children after college.

I started attending Faith Share my first year at UPJ because of an invite and also from wanting to continue learning about God.  Not once did I think I would be so moved to convert to Catholicism, join leadership or even find a great group of friends through CCM.  Not even halfway through the year I joined the RCIA program to inquire into the Catholic faith.  Easter of '23 I was confirmed Catholic! I became a leadership officer because I feel called to do more as a student on campus and I want to help bring others on this amazing journey!  You can also find me on Sundays singing in the choir at Mass!  I hope to see you at Faith Share and Mass!  Memento Mori!


David Humensky


  • Current year: Sophomore

  • Majors: Civil Engineering

  • Hometown: Avella, PA

  • Favorite TV Show: Batman the Animated Series

  • Favorite dessert: Chocolate Cake

I play guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, drums, bass, and piano.  I have 2 dogs and a motorcycle. I like Star Wars and Batman, and I enjoy playing airsoft and recording and playing music.  I had been a regular attendee at Faith Share and Mass my Freshman year.  Because of my involvement, I began playing music for the Choir and at Praise and Worship.  I had no plans to become a part of the leadership team, but my faith is important to me, so when I was asked to join and become the Treasurer for CCM,  I said Yes!


Matthew Hoover


  • Current year: Junior

  • Majors: History and Political Science

  • Hometown: Northern Cambria, PA

  • Favorite Book: A Christmas Carol

  • Favorite dessert: Zeppole

My name is Matt Hoover. In addition to CCM, I am also a Senator of the Student Government Association and the Secretary of History Club. In my spare time, I love to read and travel. I'm studying history and political science and I hope to attend law school after UPJ. I've been fascinated by history since about the age of 7 when I visited Gettysburg Battlefield for the first time. Politics has also interested me since I was in high school and began to study the news and eventually got into serious study of politics. I feel that politics and history are inseparably linked so I think the two studies are very much essential considerations in the world and I love learning about these fields.

As a lifelong Catholic, I felt called to share my love of the faith and the Mass by altar serving and by becoming Coordinator of Liturgy and Worship. As Catholics, we believe that Christ is truly present in the Mass; for that reason, I believe that the Mass should be celebrated in a reverent and respectful way in order to give glory to God. I'm proud to work as Coordinator in order to beautify the Mass and ensure that it is with its due respect and sanctity.

mike mc..png

Mike McKolanis


  • Current year: Senior

  • Major: Criminal Justice

  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

  • Favorite TV Show:  The Rookie

  • Favorite dessert:  Vanilla Ice Cream


I was invited to CCM right after the pandemic.  I originally attended to get out of my dorm room and meet new friends!  CCM became my new community!  I started helping out and volunteering wherever I was needed.  I wanted to do more but wasn't quite sure that I was ready for full officer status, so I became an alternate to help out as much as possible.  Today, I sing in the choir, altar serve and help set up for Mass, among other things!

CCM is a good fit for me... I look forward to bringing new students into this ministry!

We're still in need of a few more officers... reach out if you're interested!

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